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Name: botchok
Dob: 6/25/83
Sex: male
Location: Albay
Trading bias: ala pa. Aral pa lng
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Name: Navigator
DOB: January 8
Sex: Female
Location: In front of PC
Trading Bias: Noobers
Broker: COL
Small Message for SMP: Nice to meet you all
Name: gmxerz
DOB: apr 21
Sex: female
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: technical with a little funda
Broker/s: col, first metro, wealth
Small Message for SMP: thanks for accepting me
Name: The Bisaya trader
DOB: Oct 16
Sex: lalaki
Location: somewhere in Cebu
Trading Bias: Technical, Funda then senti
Broker: FMS
Small Message for SMP: nice to have this forum! more members to come!

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 photo TheDailyHINT01_zpsae8386eb.png