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Name: balgog
DOB: sep 1
Sex: M Tongue
Message to SMP: I've been lurking for several months and now prepared and ready for the game.
Name: tomcat2
DOB: Jan 6
Sex: M
Location: QC
Been lurking for months now, finally decided to join SMP para sumabay sa pag angat ng lahat ng members! dancing man
Name: Joey(ch_labjsm)
DOB: 03 October
Sex: Male
Location: North Manila
Trading Bias: Ipit Investor, Trying Hard Tsupitero
Broker/s: COL

hehehehe.... lurking for more than two years.... finally decided for boss Gav operation.... bananadancing manbanana
...Goodluck to all...
Name: cintrone7
DOB: 21 Dec
Sex: Male
Location: Riyadh
Trading Bias: Technical and currently still an Ipit Investor
Broker/s: BPItrade

See zone mode for a couple of years but finally decided to register s SMP. pasabayin nyo naman ako s pag-angat nyo...hehehe
Name: rosewolf
DOB : nov 5
Sex : Male
Location: Metro Manila
Trading Bias: long term investor
Broker: BDO Nomura

Just started recently on stock trading, completely clueless on this field, I hope to learn more from the experts!
A gain is a gain, no matter small it is.
Name: Ilyn Glorial
DOB: 29 October
Sex: Female
Location: Kuwait
Trading Bias: Technical first, Fundamental second, Tips madalas
Broker/s: COL/Bpitrade

almost a year in the market and still much to learn..
Name: Dianne (dianne0109)
DOB: 09 January
Sex: LGBT... LOL! Female
Location: Pasig City
Trading Bias: Technically newbie
Broker/s: COL Financial

Hi Guys! I suddenly bumped into your forum while researching more about stock market.
I started my COL financial 2012, but didn't really know anything about it and relied to my brother.
But now I want to learn more, since I've been receiving dividends email from COL and want to invest more!
I'm happy, I found you! Guess I'll be exploring this forum when I have the chance. Smile

Name: Bervanj
DOB: 1 Febuary
Sex: F
Location: Angeles City, Pampanga
Trading Bias:
Broker/s: COL Financial
Small Message for SMP:

Newbie here! I just started opening my COL account last August. Hope I can learn more from you guys. Thanks!banana


Name: Amethyrne
DOB : Feb 12
Sex : F
Location: Riyadh
Trading Bias: Long Term Investor
Broker: COL Financial

Started my COL account last June lang. Long term investor ang initial peg pero I also want to learn more to earn more nut
Name: prinsesita
DOB: March10
Sex: F
Location: Laguna kapag may pasok, Batangas&Tondo pag bakasyon
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Anla eh! napadaan ako sa site na a-re, mga masters pala andine sana matuto din ako tulad ga ninyo.. Hello to all! Smile

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