SMP/JMF Seminar link
Donation Drive for 2018 SMP Charity started, pls read email/pm sent to you thanks
Also If You Already Made A Donation Pls Message or Email Ollie So I Can Include You Already sa The HINT Subscription ok? Thanks

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* Next Here * Make Your Small Introduction Here (Guys Lagay Kayo Avatar Pls Thanks)
Name: viiiiinchi
DOB: July
Sex: Male
Location: Ala Eh
Small Message for SMP: \m/
 photo TheDailyHINT01_zpsae8386eb.png
name: lightwind
DOB: Aug. 2
sex: M
Location: North of manila
style: still learning
thx to all
name: rjpat
DOB: 4-17
sex: M
Location: UAE
Small msg for SMP: Sana po yumaman tayong lahat.. dancing man
Name: TheFishTank
DOB: 14 Feb
Sex: M
Location: No Permanent Address (seriously)
Trading Bias: None yet (Newbie)
Broker/s: FMS / COL
Small Message for SMP: Thanks Google, I found this site! Sana yumaman din ako and tayong lahat tulad ng iba rito he he. Good luck to all! winking
Name: Crossroads1979l
DOB: Mar 1
Sex: F
Location: cavite
Trading Bias: learning newbie
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: long time lurker's, finally decided to be active : )
Name: kemberluuu
DOB: june 6
Sex: F
Location: Las pinas
Trading Bias: learning newbie
Small Message for SMP: thanks for allowing us to join here and excited to learn from you guys
Name: herreralv
DOB: November 25
Sex: M
Location: Marikina City
Trading Bias: Newbie - Investor not yet Trader (hopefully matutunan ko din)
Small Message for SMP: Thanks guys! I know I will learn a lot from here. Looking forward to that. More power and God Bless. \m/
Name: Jeance Pelaez
DOB: 4th of January
Sex: Male
Location: Cavite
Trading Bias: Newbie - Mostly on trading simulators
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: I hope to learn a lot from you guys! I also have a loot of questions
Name: Stocky
DOB: January 9
Sex: Female
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: Long Term stockholder
Broker: COL
Message for SMP: Success and happiness to all! Smile
Name: drix
DOB: sep 27
Sex: M
Location: Baguio City
Small message for SMP: More pOwer ,more learning and sharings!!!!

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