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Dito Lang ang Posting ng Comments and Suggestions
(12-17-2012, 10:50 PM)leptokurtosis Wrote: ...The only thing i can say is that the PSE is irrational, illogical, and defies common sense. The trick is to trade when everything still makes sense because it will soon behave senselessly....

...will take this as a "note to myself" Smile thanks bos
(12-15-2012, 05:15 PM)leptokurtosis Wrote: Great read ! Question po Sir Ollie, regarding charting, types, and are logarithmic and arithmetic price chart used ? Is it possible that one chart shows a pattern - and the other does not ? Is one chart better than the other ? What po are the circumstances ? Ur thoughts appreciated. Salamat

i'll answer thaton behalf of ollie, yes some patterns appear on the log chart and not on the arithmetic chart and vice versa. no one chart is betterthan the other as no one oscillator/indicator is the best indicator. the trick is to cycle/filter through the stock using both, then quickly scan for patterns. i personally have mineset at arithmetic, then occasionally scan with logarithmic.
buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

Hi sir ollie, naka-default po ata lahat ng boards to put on top the topic with most recent comment. Suggestion lang po, minor lang naman. May we can fix the positions of the topics in this board. First, yung comments, then yung tutorial in sequence.
Sorry nagkamali ng post sa introduction ng tech analysis,
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