SMP Charity On May 26 Saturday starts at 9AM Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, ILOILO. Thank You Donors

Manila Water Company, Inc.
Uu... banat lang kasi ng banat ng hindi nagiisip Big Grin
Manila Water fails to get Jakarta nod for water utility deal
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Manila Water grows on higher revenues
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Makakabalik pa kaya sa kwarenta ito? Huh
ito pala ang news na dahilan kung bakit kaisa-isahang berde si MWC kahapon.
^^ ito naman ang dahilan kung bakit siya red kangina Smile

MWSS water rate cut order ends stock market rally

MANILA, Philippines—The local stock market’s four-day rally ended on Thursday after a government order to cut water tariffs weighed down on large companies with investments in private water concessionaires.

The main-share Philippine Stock Exchange index rose in early session but swung to negative territory after an order from the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) on rate rebasing came out. Profit-taking pressures likewise started to gnaw at regional markets.
On May 26 Saturday at 9AM, SMP Charity na! Venue: Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, ILOILO. Thank You Donors.

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ano po sa tingin nyo?
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30% price decrease of water services?
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Cute talaga ng babeey ko!
ayan na!
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