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I'm working on an algorithm and I need raw data
09-04-2016, 10:24 AM
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I'm working on an algorithm and I need raw data
First off, I'm a student of Computer Science and I've been following the stock market for quite a while now (I've been playing some simulators successfully but not a lot of trading with real cash for almost 2 years). We're actually using the algorithm for our research paper this semester.

We have the pseudo codes done and it looks really good on paper. Basically it's an algorithm that analyzes historical data, I can't show it in public for reasons. So here's what I really need help on.

1. I want to get raw historical data (at least date, open and close) from 5 tickers from 2011-2016 as a start.
I've downloaded the "2006-present worth of CSV files by Mr. Coelacanth" and for some reason I cant view it on excel (prolly only works on mac), I've tried converting it to different extensions and still nothing. I also have PSEGet v3 but when I download from the PSE site it just keeps failing and they only have coverage for the past 1 year or less.

We want the data to look like this in a text file (notepad).




Is there any way I can do this? Kasi wala akong makita na data sa iisang ticker lang. Bali kelangan namin ng 2011-2016 data ng isang ticker lang sa isang file. It would be hard to specifically look for these three specific data points sa specific na ticker mula sa napakaraming PSE daily quotations since 5 years ago haha. Generally, gusto lang namin mapadali kung paano namin makukuha yung data or kahit ano basta makuha lang namin sila.

So medyo yun lang muna. The first question is what we really need right now. I will be updating this thread for more info and stuff. Thanks SMP!
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