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LF: IPAD3 cover
03-09-2013, 10:29 PM
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LF: IPAD3 cover
guys baka matulungan nyoko. been looking for an ipad cover (not sleeve ayaw ko nun) which has the following (must have all of the following)

1.) black exterior
2.) magnetic thingie so it auto closes when the cover is closed
3.) most important is a pocket or sleeve inside the cover to store calling cards or other pieces of paper.

i currently have one pero isang sleeve lang sya na malaki at tagusan e. so pwede malaglag mga stuff. so gumagamit pako ng custom crafted envelope (yes i am o.c.) para masakto sa sleeve.

i tried looking sa power mac and naubos na oras ko kakahanap sa bazaar pero wala ako makita. found one in halo which i bought pero medyo makapal yung cover which i didnt really like. tapos after two weeks ayaw na gumana magnetic cover.

baka may kilala kayo store or bazaar na nagtitinda nito. very much appreciated.

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