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RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - aiu1225 - 05-07-2012

Posted on May 06, 2012 09:35:26 PM

Aboitiz Power plans to spend P170B for generation projects

DAVAO CITY -- Aboitiz Power Corp. plans to spend up to P170 billion in the next five years to rehabilitate old plants as well as establish new facilities across the country.

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - cln - 05-09-2012

Strong distribution profits lift 1Q12 income |
| § Excluding one-offs, Aboitiz Power Corp’s (AP) |
| core net income grew 9% to PHP5.08b in 1Q12. The |
| results accounted for 22% of our full-year forecast,|
| consistent with historical trends. Higher gross |
| margins brought about by strong revenue growth |
| boosted power distribution profits by 61.4% to |
| PHP454. AP’s power generation business also posted |
| higher revenues but profit growth was muted, rising |
| at a modest 3.6% to PHP21.81b, due to higher costs. |
| Given the results, we are likely to tweak our |
| forecasts with higher distribution margins making up|
| for higher power generation costs. Ultimately, our |
| 2012 full earnings estimate of PHP23.33b will |
| probably remain substantially unchanged.

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - richgelwis - 05-30-2012

nag up today even reached 35.30 anyone have an idea why? ginagaya fgen pataas?

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - Shoegazer - 06-21-2012

Luzon power shortage looms in 2015
SBMA urged to allow construction of 600-MW plant

By: Amy R. Remo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
11:37 pm | Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Energy Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras has warned of possible power supply shortages in Luzon by 2015 if the proposed 600-megawatt coal-fired power plant of Redondo Peninsula Energy Inc. (RP Energy) would be stalled.

At the sidelines of the Shell Eco-Marathon launch Monday night, Almendras said he had stressed to concerned officials of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) how critical it was to build another baseload power plant that could augment the electricity supply by 2015.

“We really cannot afford not to have a new power plant by 2015. At the rate that consumption is growing and if we expect the economy to grow at the pace we’re growing, we will need at least another 600-MW power plant in 2015, another one in 2016 and another in 2017. We want to make sure that nothing goes wrong,” Almendras explained.

The energy chief added that only RP Energy could readily mobilize the construction of a power plant that could be made available by 2015 since the company has secured all the necessary contracts.

x x x

Various groups, including the SBMA, have earlier lodged their opposition to the $1.28-billion coal facility of RP Energy—a consortium that included Manila Electric Co., Aboitiz Power Corp. and Taiwan Cogen Corp.

SBMA officials have also asked President Aquino to order the relocation of the proposed baseload facility to another site due to the potential danger it would pose on the freeport and mounting opposition from stakeholders of the economic zone.

However, Almendras said he was hoping that the issues raised by the SBMA would be addressed immediately, specifically those relating to plant emissions and fees that might be collected by the local governments concerned.

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - jkj - 06-23-2012

1. Unless AP hits 34.45, it will correct down to 31.00 and below. Reason: Bearish Retracement Rule-4a.
2. 31.55 level is critical. If AP bounces from there, then we're good to go.
3. However, I am still very bullish with AP in the medium term as the post-pattern action of a Double Three is quite rewarding.
For those who may be interested in the AP chart

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - eggstyan - 06-24-2012

tagal na nito sideways at 28 to 34 pesos..

kung sa bagay 2 years na rin ito naging bullish recently Smile

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - makie - 06-25-2012

Slowly but surely..

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - Shoegazer - 07-03-2012

Aboitiz unit hires contractors
Posted on July 02, 2012 09:01:09 PM

ABOITIZ POWER Corp. has moved forward with its planned 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Davao yesterday, announcing its subsidiary had already inked deals with contractors.

Therma South, Inc., the Aboitiz Power unit, entered into construction, supply and coordination deals “with local and foreign contractors” for the power plant, a disclosure released yesterday showed.

“The aggregate value of the construction, supply and coordination contracts for the Davao coal project is around $546 million,” the firm said.

Aboitiz Power’s power plant is estimated to cost about P25 billion and was supposed to begin construction in July last year before it ran into problems with environmental groups.

It is now expected to come online by the second quarter of 2015.

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - CaMoTe - 07-03-2012

coal fired power plant in davao... hmmm...

RE: Aboitiz Power Corporation - renc - 07-03-2012

ironic talaga., ung ibang bansa are getting rid na of coal power plants, tayo e coal pa rin ng coal., pero di bale, basta may power supply! Big Grin

sure fire na investment yan from Aboitiz, uhaw na uhaw sa power supply ang mindanao, araw - araw may shortage.