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Forum Announcement: Encouragement to New Stock Market Investors
07-02-2011, 03:05 PM
Encouragement to New Stock Market Investors
Lurker Investors and Quiet Members of SMP, I am encouraging you guys to post your newbie questions here. Kayo na gumawa ng thread so that you can view the best answer among them. I hope you reward the person giving you the best answer +1 sa reputation nya.

I will be personally monitoring this section of the Forum. I think this is where the many quiet and reluctant people could finally start adding up on their confidences and then from there, to finally make sound and APPROPRIATE stock investments.

I wish to call upon elder market traders and experienced investors to, from time to time, visit this area and help out in answering simple questions from beginner traders and investors.
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 photo TheDailyHINT01_zpsae8386eb.png

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