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Forum Announcement: (ALWAYS READ ESPECIALLY NEW MEMBERS) Posting Guidelines and Policies
07-02-2011, 02:54 PM
(ALWAYS READ ESPECIALLY NEW MEMBERS) Posting Guidelines and Policies
Readers and members, kindly read the contents of this announcement every once in a while since this is a dynamic post that should serve as our guide in our postings. Thanks. --The Admin Forum Team

Guiding Rules and Policies

Section 1 - Registration
1.1 After activation of their accounts, new registrants are required to post here
1.2 and here this is to easily weed out spammers and of couse, to introduce yourself to the community.

Section 2 - Courtesy to Posters
2.1 Always extend basic courtesy first to SMP and then to your readers and co-members.
2.2 Flaming, baiting, abusive remarks shall not be tolerated. Such posts shall be deleted and offenders given a warning. Repeat offenders shall be banned permanently.
2.3 Text speak (eto pw0h yn, k2lad pw0h nito) is not allowed. It does not take more than five seconds to type using the correct spelling and grammar.
2.4 POSTING IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS connotes "shouting" and is not allowed. If you should post in caps to highlight something significant, keep it to a minimum.
2.5 Keep posts to anything not related to the thread to a minimum. Off topic discussions can be done in the off topic thread.
2.6 HYPING AND BASHING of a particular stock is not allowed.
2.7 Use of profanity, even if under masking, against another poster or person living or dead will NOT be tolerated. Any attempt to do so will result result in a the suspension of your account. Repeated attempts to do so will result in the permanent banning of your account and your IP address.

Section 3 - External Links & Advertising
3.1 Posts with links to blogsites and other sites not approved by Admin will have to be deleted.
3.2 Should anyone wish to have a link in their posts, pm it first to the mods and admin, and have them approve of it, otherwise it would have to be deleted
3.3 Advertisements are welcome, however, they must be put in the proper areas. Feel free to PM any of the admins if if you wish to advertise.
3.4 Links on the signatures of members are also subject for approval of Admin.

Section 4 - Resolution of Issues
4.1 While we strive to promote free speech and free flowing discussion, freedom of speech is not absolute. Admins have the right to summarily edit/delete/ban posts which are in violation of section 1.
4.2 In case of a dispute, the admins have the final say. This is NOT a democratic group. The rules are there to keep this forum clean and just as good (or better) from the date you first registered until you reach your zillionth post.
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